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Giannino in S.Lorenzo: Typical Restaurant in Florence, the original Florentine Beefsteak

» The Real Florentine Beefsteak

The Real Florentine Beefsteak Take the beef steak out of the refrigerator two hours beforehand, otherwise it will suffer in the cooking. Use a barbecue grill, with the charcoal glowing hot, but with no flame.

Place the steak on the grill and keep over the fire for 5 minutes until a nice crust is formed. Turn it over (without piercing the meat) and repeat on the other side.

The steak will remain over the fire just for the time needed to sear the surface well but keep it absolutely rare inside.

Season with salt and pepper (better to use freshly ground pepper) and serve at once. Relish it accompanied by a nice green salad or cannellini beans dressed in oil.

Originally know as carbonata or 'cooked over charcoal', the name 'bistecca' come from the English 'beefsteak', which, apart from the fact that it has seized the upper hand, also has an aura of internationality, making it preferable.

The success of Florentine beefsteak hangs for the most part on the quality of the meat, but without doubt on the cooking too.

The bistecca must be an inch thick and be complete with its T bone, tenderloin and filet.

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